CarePortMD is Proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of 231st Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of Delaware

CarePortMD is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the 231st Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of Delaware. With 26 vitals-enhanced telemedicine access points spanning the State of Delaware, we are creating new opportunities for connected care between doctors and patients across the State. #urgentcare#diabetes#telemedicine#carecoordination#coordinatedcare#retailhealth#digitalhealth#podcast#healthcare#careportmd

Delaware Diabetes Coalition

CarePortMD CEO/CMO, Dr. Ashok Subramanian, will be speaking next month at the Delaware Diabetes Coalition conference. The topic will be the importance of screening and situational awareness with regard to disease progression as a framework in the fight to prevent disease complications. Success and lessons learned in the CarePortMD diabetic retinopathy screening, peripheral vascular/neurological screeningContinue reading “Delaware Diabetes Coalition”

Diabetic Retinopathy Exams on a Rainy Day at the Beach

It’s a rainy day in beautiful Lewes, Delaware, so take off those sunglasses and stop by the CarePortMD clinical access point at Care Pharmacy for your annual diabetic retinopathy screening exam! Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in patients with diabetes. We remove barriers that prevent over 1/2 of diabetic patients from gettingContinue reading “Diabetic Retinopathy Exams on a Rainy Day at the Beach”

Delaware Public Health Series

CarePortMD and the Delaware Division of Public Health recently completed a multi-week tour of Delaware’s independent pharmacy network in an effort to better integrate community pharmacists with multidisciplinary care teams delivering personalized care for chronic diseases. The purpose of the tour was to familiarize pharmacies with State and Federally-funded programs aimed combating the epidemics ofContinue reading “Delaware Public Health Series”

Pharmacogenomics: Genetics for Smarter Medication Management Against COVID-19

The CDC and FDA recommend healthcare providers educate their patients with chronic underlying medical conditions about additional steps that the patients may take to protect themselves from COVID-19 infection, as well as, how to decrease the infection’s morbidity and mortality should the patient become infected . One way to decrease COVID-19’s morbidity and mortality is toContinue reading “Pharmacogenomics: Genetics for Smarter Medication Management Against COVID-19”

CarePortMD Now Offering Peripheral Neuropathy and Vascular Assessments in Grocery Store Retail Clinics

CarePortMD is adding to the state-of-the-art diagnostic services available in its convenient retail locations across the State of Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. The first to offer autonomous artificial intelligence-based diabetic retinopathy screening in Albertsons grocery stores, we are introducing a non-invasive 10-minute test that provides objective insights into peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease and cardio-metabolicContinue reading “CarePortMD Now Offering Peripheral Neuropathy and Vascular Assessments in Grocery Store Retail Clinics”

Healthcare is a Human Problem

Over the past 6 months, The CarePortMD model has demonstrated success in reducing emergency department visits, improving patient engagement and very likely will show improved outcomes at reduced cost. But there was one observation that appears to be a key to truly maximizing patient engagement and the impact of this program at population health scale. PatientsContinue reading “Healthcare is a Human Problem”

CarePortMD CEO to Speak at Zoomtopia

Dr. Ashok Subramanian will speak on October 15, 2020 at a Zoomtopia 2020 breakout session on the use of Zoom for small medical practices. The conference is expected to draw over 40,000 participants and a large number of healthcare providers, practices and systems forced into adoption by the COVID-19 pandemic. Register now at:

Quality Insights and Delaware Division of Public Health Sponsor e-Learning for Delaware Health Professionals

ACT NOW: Exclusive Access for Delaware Healthcare Professionals Quality Insights and the Delaware Division of Public Health have partnered to provide a series of interactive and engaging e-learning courses to the practices, health systems, and federally qualified health systems in Delaware. Currently, six courses are being offered to our participating practices at NO COST through JuneContinue reading “Quality Insights and Delaware Division of Public Health Sponsor e-Learning for Delaware Health Professionals”