Reactive Monitoring Success Story

CarePortMD supplies patients with state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring and telemedicine portals and provides a team of monitoring specialists to review daily-submitted patient data.  When abnormalities are observed, a telemedicine encounter is established in attempt to address the issue before it progresses in severity.  The program has 3 goals:

  • Drive engagement, compliance and adherent behavior with daily touchpoints
  • Recognize daily biometric aberrancies and enable responsive telemedicine
  • Guide ongoing patient care through reporting of monthly data trends to care team and patients 

Case Report:  Responsive Remote Patient Monitoring-  Applied Telemedicine

A Delaware PCP referred a 52-year-old male hypertension patient to CarePortMD for our Responsive Telemedicine Program. On a recent morning, monitoring personnel observed an extremely high reading of 270/140 with an elevated heart rate. This prompted an immediate telemedicine appointment where the patient was evaluated and advised to call 911. The patient adamantly refused, citing that he felt “perfectly fine”.  It was then determined that he had not taken his beta blocker for 3 days for “no particular reason”. He was advised to take a double dose and then come to the nearest CarePortMD retail clinic. He agreed to this and upon re-evaluation, his blood pressure had improved significantly, and he remained without symptoms. This intervention enabled control of a life-threatening blood pressure elevation that might otherwise gone unrecognized until his next doctor appointment, increasing his risk for an adverse outcome. It also presented an opportunity to educate him on the importance of being adherent to prescribed medication schedules- particularly beta blockers, which should never be discontinued abruptly.

CarePortMD continues to accrue stories where our progressive care delivery model is making a measurable difference in health care across the region.

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